Founder Acharya: HDG Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada

Hare Krishna!

Welcome to ISKCON Coimbatore. The “Moon of Kovai” community of more than 2000+ enthusiastic followers of Lord Krishna at the Jagannath Mandir will be happy to serve you and infect you with the contagious enthusiasm for living a full human life filled with love, rich relationships, and great learning. Here you can educate yourself on the greatest of subject matters - YOU or the SELF through the academy, join in congregational gatherings of music, dance and great eats! What to speak of soul lifting pilgrimages and outings, community services from Annadaan to cow protection and kids & youth services to festivals and fun! Experience the teachings of timeless Indian wisdom given in the Gita and bring the philosophy of life to practice to solve all material problems with unique spiritual solutions in Bhakti Yoga with experienced counsellors and mentors. Under the guidance of our community head H H Bhakti Vinoda Swami Maharaj, a Sannyasi, the community has been a bustling and teeming confluence of intelligent, willing individuals who feel great freedom in performing the best for humanity in Kovai and areas around. Again welcome to the Kovai Chandra community! Hare Krishna!


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