Magical Mantra Rock rocks Kovai youth

For the first time ever ,the youth of Coimbatore experienced the power of pulsating Mantra Rock touching their souls on 12th Aug at ISKCON ,Coimbatore. The Mantra Rock  Extravaganza organised by SPARK Youth Forum in collaboration with ISKCON was presented by India’s Got Talent, Season 3 fame Madhava Rock Band from Mumbai. Participants danced ,chanted and rocked to their hearts content. Delicious dinner was served at the end.
This is what  Aravind ,22 had to say about the show. ” The presentation was a perfect blend of sacred mantra chants and rock music. The vibe of mantras and music was a fresh nouveau and left me wanting to chant more. Kudos to ISKCON for giving us this musical treat “.
While inaugurating the event HH Bhakti Vinoda Swami , GBC and Zonal secretary of ISKCON , mentioned  that this show would present sacred mantras in contemporary rock style and help youth fight addiction to smartphones ,Facebook,whatsapp and substance of abuse by reverberating subtle sanctified sounds in the core of their hearts.
Since its incorporation ISKCON has been helping youth from all over the world fight all forms of addictions and successfully face the challenges of life. HH Bhakti Vinoda Swami has been regularly reaching out to the youth through various programmes and retreats.