Kovai Chandra

Kovai Chandra Educational and Cultural Complex

        The upcoming Kovai Chandra Educational and Cultural Complex (KCECC) is proposed to be a massive structural expanse of 60,000sq ft, fully dedicated to propagate the teachings of Lord Krishna and Vaishnava acharyas.


• Museums and Exhibit

• Kids Value Education

• Architecture

• Vedic Library

• The Temple

• Thuriya Academy



 The Temple is the fulcrum of the KCEC complex and community. Area : 55,000 Sq. ft The Temple complex mainly comprises of the following 6 major sections 

  • The main mantapa or the meditation hall
  • Cultural and Educational Hall
  • Gallery, Museum and Exhibits
  • The reception hall along with the Garuda stambha
  • The Garba griha or sanctum sanctorium
  • The Basement

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